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"We are a global village in touch with everyone, everywhere, all-at-once- all-the-time-instantaneously." Marshall McLuhan

Our Story



Technology has changed a lot, since I first started in Audio Visual & Video Production Services. Consolidation, has not ended well, for too many people seeking  Premier results, which  their stakeholders and leaders can be proud of. Buying these services is too much like buying a used car. Great AV Labor is tough to find. Prices are all over the place. Middlemen are Everywhere. People making promises lack Operational Experience.

I understand. 

I’m completing 40 years in the Video Production, Live Event  AV,  and Multi-Media Industries. Together, with our crews and partners, we provide Premium  Solutions for clients that want Value, Quality, and Personal Service. People do not want Gear, Technical People, or Content. They want what these do for them. 

Together, we’ll take Control of Your Project, and get the results that you deserve. I love what I do, whether it’s collaborating with the world’s Biggest Production Companies, supporting our High Frequency Corporates, or helping New Clients with their own, all important  projects, like creating Video for their Websites and helping them with their Trade Show requirements. It's all about Solutions. 

We can help you with simple things like recording 12 Docs in an Advisory Board meeting, or much more complex things, like Multiple Venue, Live AV in Super Events. Mostly, we like Conferences with 500-1000 delegates, that are there to accomplish a Mission. Their mission is to gain the Experience that they have at World Class Events. Learning. Networking. Prospecting. Presenting and Getting Questions Answered. In other words gaining Value via Communications. If we do our job well, they will almost forget the AV and Multimedia. They should, that’s what WE are there for. That’s OUR mission. For our Clients, this is Critical.

If you  have Mission Critical AV or other Media  Requirements, Maybe, we should  get acquainted.

“Since 1992, Solid, Dependable, Courteous, always Professional Audio Visual, Video, & Multi-Media Services provided to Premier Clientele & Colleagues Worldwide“



Our clients engage us for Premier, but Affordable Solutions to their Audio-Visual, Video, Audio, or Multi-Media  requirements. We work together in their favorite Hotels, Convention Centers, Theaters, and Country-Clubs. Some  even rent School Auditoriums, Movie Theaters and Tents. Where we work with you, matters less, than that our people  work well with you, to make sure your delegates and attendees walk away with the same, planned experience and results, that you are investing Time and Money to create. We  know you are not interested in buying Technology and Operators. You are buying what this combination of Media and Experts can do for YOUR Project. 



Most critical Strategic and Tactical discussions and decisions seldom happen in a Hotel Ballroom. They happen where you work, on your Organization's Campus. Many in our business look at this as a "low-value opportunity", because it ties up the people they need for "Real" (High Dollar) events. We don't. If you need us On Campus, because your people need to keep an eye on things and be "around", that makes sense to us. I would never go to a Hotel Meeting Room to outline my own business strategy. Everything is in our office; records, people, information. I bet that's true for you too. So if you prefer to save money and meet in your Training, Board Room, or Lunch Room, and need us there- just ask. We and our people will also sign NDA's and other documents to keep your proprietary information secured. It's the professional thing to do. I worked in another Organization before founding my business, so I get it. 

1st in Alternative Venues For Your Special projects

Integrated Venues


As Organizations Look for Alternatives to Costly Hotels, with their "In The Big Box Ideas", we support clients in available places that have  AV integrated into the Meeting Space (Built In). We manage your Integrated Experience Event  with the Technical Specialists Inside, Finding out what you need to know, about Plugging In, Internet, Lighting, What's There, & What's Not, Screen Aspect Ratios, Resolutions, Controllers, Microphones, House Sound, Gathering your Content, Break Out Details, and being there to help  YOU Execute a Great Event, not distracted by Surprises. We help you Take Control of the Unknowns.   The biggest mistake clients make in these spaces is Taking things for Granted. There is no need for that, not at all.

Restaurant Dinner Meetings

Setting up a Pharma CME in a popular Steak House.

One of the best places to have small CME, CLE, and Sales Meetings is Restaurants. Let's face it. Who would rather eat Hotel Rubber Chicken or badly Prepared Food, when you can have Premium Cuisine, like Authentic Italian Food, Barbecue, TexMex, Real Steak House  Beef, Exquisite Seafood, and so many other Tasty Choices?  Premium Restaurants know this and are building up Special Event Spaces for your Group. Yet how do you know if what little AV they have, will be good enough for your Audience and Presenters? Will the sound be good? Bring us in. We've got this. We do it already for some of the biggest names in Pharma. We will listen to you and ask questions about your purpose, your presenters, your content, your audience size, and more. We then Visit the Restaurants you are considering, meet the management, look at the space, look into Internet, Power, Distractions, and Lighting control. If your event needs more or better quality AV, we will meet with you and provide a quote. We place an experienced  AV Technician there, to let you focus on being a great Host. 

Super Event Tents


Sometimes clients want to have meetings and events in the middle of nowhere, or places where there is no meeting room for guests and attendees.

Examples of this include, having a special event to launch a refinery, groundbreaking of a new Hospital, or maybe you want to escape a Hotel or Convention Center to be in a Special Place. For this, Event Tents have become quite popular. They are not new, but have sure gotten better over the last several years. While there are similarities in deploying AV, Video, Streaming, or other Multi-Media in a Tent, it's the  differences that can get you in trouble, and burden you with budget busting challenges.  It's obvious things like Power, Sound, Lighting, and Screen Sizes. Then their is the not so obvious like Glare, lots of Glare. While the soft light glare inside a Tent is Great for Video and Photography  shooting, it's terrible for Projection and Video Walls that are either too weak, too bluish, or to0 coarse. Delivery costs are higher. Technical people without experience make serious mistakes, like setting everything the day before, only to arrive in the morning to find out generators were powered down! We have the Experience to advise, consult, and execute, so you will look great  to your audience and leadership.

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The most Important call we get is from a Client. The 2nd most important call, is from a Prospect.

We will be as Happy as we know how to be, to drop by for a visit, and do a lot of listening. We don't offer answers to unknown questions. We offer Solutions.  If we can't, we'll  point you to a colleague that can. We don't want to be all things to all people. We want to be, who you call, when you need Insight born of the experience, that Years of working with the best in our industries brings. That's why we Proudly Guarantee our work and have clients that go back to 92. -Joseph Jaime, Founder

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